LIPSTOCK was developed out of a love for lipstick…

With a respect for holistic wellness: a vision to create healthful, quality-driven and eco-conscious lip makeup with a sense of fun, design and a growing, fashion-centric color palette.  Using traditional methods in the art of development, lip products are prepared and manufactured by hand in small batches from our lab in New York.  Attention is especially paid to the quality of ingredients employed, their formulation processes and effectiveness on the delicate skin of the lips; formulated to feel like an instantaneous dose of pampering, it delivers an immediately effective and long-lasting application.  With an appreciation for contemporary design, our lipstick tube evokes a mod look.  Honoring the playfulness and treat for oneself that lipstick can be, the outer packaging is candy-wrapped in non-bleached, biodegradable wax paper. 

Our passion stems from the knowledge and understanding that lipstick is more than just a cosmetic – it is a self-empowering and self-assuring colorful wax bullet inspired by the times, via: pop-culture, art, design, music, film and fashion.  It’s easily accessible, stimulating and the number one, go-to cosmetic for women throughout the world, empowering us to speak our truth.  We believe your lips speak volumes as a catalyst for courage.  Enrich them with LIPSTOCK.

Free of artificial dyes, fragrance, petroleum, parabens and never tested on animals.  As education on ecological health expands and the globalization of trade, commerce and design continue to establish the path of the green-revolution, LIPSTOCK will continue evolving by way of greener, creative business practices.  

Keep inspired!
Olga Ferreira
Creator and Owner