Pale Dusty Pink | Tinted Lip Conditioner | Sheer Finish

With a subtle fleshy undertone, a pale, dusty pink giving lips a soft, cool, low-key look; a fresh contrast to warm, sun-kissed skin. Compliment the look with a berry-colored cream blush and a coating or two of a rich, dark mascara. 

STATEMENT  Part of our sheer lip color collection: Ladyunlike | #ladyunlike

FEEL  Like a trusted face cream, providing a rich, creamy texture; balanced, neither greasy nor waxy, giving weathered lips long lasting relief with minimal repeat application and a hint of sheer, beautiful color – the perfect balance between a holistic lip treatment and a luxurious lipstick.

FORMULATION  Free of artificial dyes, fragrance, petroleum, parabens and never tested on animals. Borrowing from our original formula found in LIPSTOCK CREAM, shade .096 is the tinted version, with 100% natural and organic ingredients.

FINISH  VERY sheer and subtle, just enough color, more of a treatment that ‘hugs’ your lips, as oppose to a masking application.  By nature, mineral pigments provide a soft, natural shimmer that adds to the appearance of healthy lips, capturing the light in a beautiful way.


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