Think skin

Blends of foundations, concealers, powders, highlighters, shimmers, contouring, liners, professional brush-work magic, etc., can create gorgeous looking makeovers and transformations. We see celebrities on the covers of magazines and go, “Wow!”—so finished, so flawless, and then go on to read them say, “I don’t wake up looking like that… anyone can look like that after 5 hours of attention in the hands of a professional team of hairdressers and makeup artists”. God bless ’em.

I don’t mind the fantasy—in fact, sometimes I live for it, as it encourages me to dream—and I love the truth even more—it’s stronger than coffee. When it comes down to it: every beauty expert/guru/embassador (“embassador”, what nation?) out there will tell you it boils down to one thing: your skin.

Why is it important?
I do not mean cosmetic changes, or coverage, or technique, or product viscosity if you want to get technical—it’s about the largest organ of your body, your skin. It houses the quality of your life, how you love your self, how you respect, care for, and acknowledge your life. It projects how and what you think to the world—what you think of yourself.

What affects skin?
Sleep, positive thinking, water, diet, exercising, work ethic, lifestyle, emotions, self respect, responsibility, opting for healthy choices, adventure, self-neglect, workaholism, self-abuse, air quality, environment, self-love, all show up on your skin. Everything. All literally coming out though your skin and showing itself to the world.

What to do:


PS—Please note, I’m not a licensed, or certified, expert on skin; I’m sharing from personal experience. Follow any advice here with your best judgement and discretion.